Dear Friends,

On May 15, the Fox River overflowed its banks and the Farnsworth House is now surrounded by flood waters. While the river level is currently dropping, more rain is forecast through the coming week – so we’re very concerned the house may flood. We’ve implemented our approved flood protocols, shutting off electricity and raising draperies, rugs and furnishings off the floor.

Our staff monitors the river daily and we will do all we can to protect and preserve the Farnsworth House – but we need your help. The lower terrace was designed to be flooded occasionally – but seventy years of increasingly frequent floods has taken its toll – and we will need to replace the deteriorated travertine and drainage layer ASAP for increased resilience and for the safety of our visitors.

This is an especially good time to support Farnsworth House as the Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust will add another third to your donation! Also, the recently-passed CARES Act allows everyone a $300 deduction for charitable gifts without claiming itemized deductions on their 2020 federal income tax returns.

We recognize this is a difficult time for many, and hope that you will be able to visit Farnsworth in the months and years ahead for reflection and inspiration. If you are able, please give generously so we can continue to preserve this international landmark and its 58-acre site for generations to come.


Scott Mehaffey
Executive Director